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Hi all,
I saw this on becky0220's poll and liked it. Since I can't have a poll, I'm asking this in my journal...

Which StregaFata Project member do you think you are like?

Fikreselam Bekele:
You feel like the wise one of the group, but also the most out-of-touch with modern technology- but willing to learn and accept new ideas nonetheless. People may avoid you because you seem old/mature, and you deeply understand different people and will let your hair down as if you are given another shot at your youth. You're secretly one hell of a party animal- loving nearly any music that has a beat!

Leros Lamour:
You are bubbly, friendly and enthusiastic, you love to flirt and love to show off what your mamma gave you. School work is not your strong point, you learn best with practical exercises. Sometimes people can become uncomfortable with your freedom of expression. You still feel hesitant with the full range of your powers, and you sometimes challenge your friends with the subject of your conversations.

Emilia Bocelli:
You love everything to be beautiful and to fit in place, like a classical piece of art of a symphony. You're very clever with words, sounds and images and you are compassionate and sensitive. You are also very opinionated- and can't stand a lot of modern music. Things that seem ugly or horrible are more likely to offend you- but you'll always help someone down on their luck, despite them not being as cultured as you. (A certain drunk pixie?) You can come across as a snob sometimes.

Yahtzee Addisoni: You are game for anything! You love to create mischief, be amongst the action and you always take the risky option. You're impulsive, great fun and cheeky to boot. Some people may think you are a bully- but you never trick an innocent person with a mean spirit. Your enemies, however, you trick as wickedly as you can. Life is about the moment- and you live in it.

Hamrawit Buna: You have a long game to play, you are cunning and a very great planner. You thirst for knowledge, and you know exactly what you are seeking, due to that plan. You like to store things for a later date- you're always in plotting mode for a bigger purpose. Sometimes your actions don't make sense in the short-term, but eventually you will make sense. You enjoy long novels, chess and anything that will enhance your brainpower. Sporadic events can throw you a bit, and you can be a bit reserved from social situations (because you are still planning.) Though, you're not too fussed with a little fun here and there- you understand that you need to de-stress now and then.

Vila Mugunha: You feel separated from those you love. You're sweet, caring and a bit worn down. You're willing to sacrifice it all for those who are closest to you- you will put yourself last. You love candy to a fault and are very generous- almost so much that you nearly blow your cover! You wish to socialise with others, but certain dangers are preventing you from seeing them. You always bring food when you visit, you are a fantastic cook. You treasure wisdom and are willing to learn from the limited resources you have- you make the most out of the least.

Angelo Merdordia: Everyone gets on well with you, you're charismatic and cool. Socialising is a breeze. You're a bit rebellious and you love adventure. You're also a bit of a hippy as well, loving freedom of expression. You're very brave and will complete any dare, and face any danger you are challenged with- the impossible excites you! You do like to slack off a bit- you're not always in adventure mode. You throw amazing parties with a wicked mix of tunes that impress the majority of the crowd.

Chips Witkowski: You're a bro, not to fussy and you love to clown around. You love to argue with your best mates, but it is all in good fun. You enjoy a good party, you fit in with a crowd easily. You have a very curious nature that can sometimes get you in trouble! However, you still have rational fears of certain places, and you are sometimes challenged by your peers to push those boundaries.

Clifton AlCoptura: You are caring, friendly and likeable, and you love to push yourself to the limits. You get bored easily if you're not being challenged. You expect everyone to do their best, and sometimes this can cause arguments, but you only want the best for your friends. You work hard, and you are a pillar of strength. You love country music and western films, and you are happiest when you're outdoors and doing something fun and active! Being stuck inside irritates you to no end.

Austin Mont Blanc:

You love to study, and are very laid back, friendly and easy going. You love a peaceful environment and a colder climate. Your ideal environment is a wicked snow-covered slope on a crisp early morning, where you can carve your way skilfully down on your snowboard or skis. You have quite a few secrets- some only the likes of Leros would understand! Loud people annoy you, and you sometimes go outside for a breath of fresh air to get away from any excessive party noise.

Chips and Angelo developed with the help of DameElizabeth
Austin and Clifton are characters from Dragonstar78- I hope I got Clifton and Austin's personalities right.
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New Zealand
Fan of: Doctor Who, Winx Club, Huntik: Secrets and Seekers, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, American Dad, Futurama, Adventure Time, The Simpsons, Sherlock, Mahou Sensei Negima, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Amharic language, Italian language, Coffee, W.I.T.C.H and Sailor Moon.
1: I am a European blooded New Zealander. (Because people keep asking me if I'm Ethiopian or not.)
2. I drive a purple car.
3. I enjoy coffee in the morning and early afternoon, and tea at night.
4: I like cartoons as silly as they can get!
5: I have lost 20kg in the last year.
6: I own a tabby cat named Almaz and he has three legs.
7: I like to believe in God, but I'm no religious nutjob. I'm not going to force my opinions on everyone else.
8: I study animation, specialising in backgrounds, but I post mainly still images, mostly containing characters. This keeps things nice and separate. (Oh shoot, that's been spelled wrong for months and I've only just spotted it!)
9: I don't hate any new episodes of cartoons such as the Simpsons. I'm a simple person with a simple craving for animated cartoons.
10: I despise Cartoon Network for adding Live Action shows. Shame on you, shame on you all!

My Sims 3 studio:…

I was a time lord button by TwinEnigma

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