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I've decided to do this for Purple Zircon. Some of these have kind of been done already, but I will redo them properly with the words "Gemsona Challenge" in the title.
Some of the days will be out of order.

Day 1: Introduction
Gemsona Challenge Day 1: Introduction by PurpleAmharicCoffee
Day 2: Weapon Summon
 Gemsona Challenge Day 2: Weapon Summon by PurpleAmharicCoffee
Day 3: Background
Gemsona Challenge Day 3: Background by PurpleAmharicCoffee
Day 4: Crystal Idol
Gemsona Challenge Day 4: Crystal Idol by PurpleAmharicCoffee
Day 5: Purple P and Tiger M
Day 6: Special Talents
Day 7: The Homeworld
Day 8: Distance Model
Day 9: Cracked Gem
Day 10: Change of Heart
Day 11: Dream Team
Day 12: Alternative Outfit
Day 13: A Day In The Life Of
Day 14: Challenger Approaching!
Purple Zircon Comic 1: Page 1 by PurpleAmharicCoffee
Day 15: Regeneration
Day 16: Human for a Day
Day 17: Fusion Frenzy

Gem Fusion 7:  Charoite by PurpleAmharicCoffeeGem Fusion 12: Rubellite Tourmaline by PurpleAmharicCoffeeGem Fusion 13: Iris Agate by PurpleAmharicCoffeeGem Fusion 6: Spurrite by PurpleAmharicCoffeeGem Fusion 8: Violet Spinel by PurpleAmharicCoffeeGem Fusion 9: Anyolite by PurpleAmharicCoffeeGem Fusion 10 Benitoite by PurpleAmharicCoffeeGem Fusion 11: Ametrine by PurpleAmharicCoffee
          Garnet               (Ruby)          (Sapphire)  Pearl             Amethyst                   Peridot                     Lapis Lazuli                  Jasper
Day 18: Shapeshift
Day 19: Steven Style
Day 20: Loyalty
Day 21: Monster Gem
Day 22: Rebellion!
Day 23: Same Gem? Same Gem!
Day 24: Outfit Exchange
Day 25: Historic Site
Day 26: With the Gems
Day 27: Stars in Your Eyes

Day 28: Guess Who?
Day 29: Favourites
Day 30: That's a Wrap!

Original list from… copied here so I won't forget.

  1. Introductions: Show off your gemsona!
  2. Weapon Summon: What’s their weapon? How do they summon it?
  3. Background: What’s their story?
  4. Crystal Idol: Your gemsona magically gets to hang out with the canon Gem they most admire! What happens?
  5. Purple P and Tiger M: Jump into the ring! What’s your gemsona’s wrestling nickname and costume? (Could they take on Purple Puma?)
  6. Special Talents: Is there an element or aspect of nature your Gemsona can control? Or: What’s something only they can do?
  7. The Homeworld: What’s their relationship to the Gem Homeworld?
  8. Distance Model: Draw your gemsona’s distance model!
  9. Cracked Gem: Uh oh! Their gem’s got a crack in it!
  10. Change of Heart: A villain’s turned hero and a hero’s turned villain! Or: Your gemsona now has the opposite personality!
  11. Dream Team: Show off your other gemsonas! Or if they’re a loner, introduce your gemsona’s friends!
  12. Alt Outfit: Design their space suit, beachwear, or ‘pilot’ outfit!
  13. A Day in the Life of: What’s an average day like for your gemsona?
  14. Challenger Approaching!: Your gemsona’s caught in a fight! Is their opponent a monster? Another gem? Or something else?
  15. Regeneration: Whoops! What’s their new outfit?
  16. Human for a Day: Imagine your gemsona as a human!
  17. Fusion Frenzy: Quick! Fuse with someone!
  18. Shapeshift: What kind of shapeshifting do they do? Can they shapeshift into objects? Animals? Can they only transform a part of their body?
  19. Steven Style: Draw your gemsona in the style of Steven Universe or have your gem play ‘Steven Tag’!
  20. Loyalty: Your gemsona was loyal to the Homeworld at some point… What was their role there?
  21. Monster Gem: What’s their corrupted form?
  22. Rebellion!: Where was your gemsona during the Gem Rebellion?
  23. Same Gem? Same Gem!: There’s sure to be at least one other gemsona with the same gemstone as yours. Draw them together!
  24. Outfit Exchange: Snag another gemsona’s outfit!
  25. Historic Site: Your gemsona visits an old gem site…
  26. With the Gems: Imagine your gemsona as a Crystal Gem!
  27. Stars In Your Eyes: Show off your gem with Steven’s trademark ‘starry-eyed’ look! ٩ ( ✪͈̀ ᗜ ✪͈́) ۶
  28. Guess Who?: Come up with a fake Steven Universe episode introducing your gemsona! (Or draw your gemsona on a screenshot from the show).
  29. Favourites: Draw some of your favourite Gemsonas!
  30. That’s a Wrap!: Free Space

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8: I study animation, specialising in backgrounds, but I post mainly still images, mostly containing characters. This keeps things nice and separate. (Oh shoot, that's been spelled wrong for months and I've only just spotted it!)
9: I don't hate any new episodes of cartoons such as the Simpsons. I'm a simple person with a simple craving for animated cartoons.
10: I despise Cartoon Network for adding Live Action shows. Shame on you, shame on you all!

My Sims 3 studio:…

I was a time lord button by TwinEnigma Flying Through Space and Time by PurpleAmharicCoffee Fanart - MLP. My Little Pony Logo - The Doctor by jamescorck

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