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About Leros Lamour and her family.

Full Name: Leros Lamour
Age: 18
Birthday: 14 February
Fairy Sign: Centaur
Sexuality: Straight
Home Realm: Amortia (but lives in Magix)
Theme Song: Love Shack (The B52s), Firework (Katy Perry)
Family: Lydia Lamour (Fairy of Sexual Desire) and Mars Lamour (a cupid).
Friends: Fikreselam, Emilia, Angelo, Clifton and Austin
Pixie: Alsace Crania, Fairy of Logical Thought.
Pixie Pet: None (but Chips has one.)
Significant Other: Chips
Favorite Food: Ambrosia and Ice Cream
Favorite Colour: Pink.
Favorite Hobby: Shopping and thinking about love.
Favorite Music: Pop (with naughty bits!)
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite Spell: The Cuddle Bug
Pet Peeves: When people tease her about her energy source, when people judge her based on her mother's actions, a lack of intimacy, being alone, studying.
Personality: Air-headed, fun-loving, passionate, bubbly, emotional, flirty and a bit unstable.

Family History: Lydia Lamour, formerly Lydia Rosalynne, Leros' mum, is a stripper by night in the hotel she owns. Lydia used to have looser morals until she met Mars. She quit fairy school after two years because of the teasing she got for being a Fairy of Sexual Desire, and spent some time travelling the dimension and offering "favours" to male suitors, but she used her magic to keep herself safe on the streets. She met Mars at a grubby pub in Melody and they clicked on an interest level, not for the size of Lydia's melons. They did not need any magic to fall in love, despite Mars being a cupid, and soon Lydia was married with her child Leros, and they started a business together, so Lydia could help other couples (newlyweds in particular) enjoy themselves. They actually share an open marriage with the Merdordias. They didn't have any more children because work got in the way. And their business is going averagely, but Lydia still needs to entertain at night to keep them going.
Though, she only goes to bed with two guys.
Leros' story: Leros Lamour accepted her family's values, when they told her at the age of 18. She already guessed they were different. She had earned her first fairy transformation when she believed she could manipulate love and made two cats fall for each other. She is a latecomer to fairy school and felt ashamed until she met Fikreselam, who tells her that even smart fairies have issues.

Powers: Circumstantial manipulation of love and desire emotions, and summoning of love objects are her strong points.
Leros Lamour and her family are by ~PurpleAmharicCoffee and are part of #StregaFataProject
Magix and Winx Club are by Iginio Straffi.
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